My Journey

Welcome to my page. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 4 1/2 years ago (just before my 33 birthday). This past year, a group of my friends, family, and I ran in an endurance run to raise funds towards awareness and finding a cure for this neurological disorder. This year, we would love to organize a race soley for this purpose. I will share my story as I try to run, and give you details on how our racing plans are going. Thanks for sharing my journey with me:o)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lots happening

Well, there is alot happening in our new organization. On Thursday December 2, we are holding our very first support group meeting for Parkinson's in my church. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Yay cuz it is the first thing our org will be doing aside from the races. Boo cuz I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. I will say that I am so thankful to be a follower of Christ. It is such a relief to know that he is in control!

Yesterday I received a letter from the IRS about our 501c3. We will hear back about it in 90 days. So very excited about that!

I han't been running too much lately. I did 5 - 6 5k's in a row awhile back, and that ended up with a nice case of fatigue. But, now it's time to get back int it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's official:o)

Our new logo for our non-profit!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

First 5k race for the year.

Well, I did it. Today Matt and I ran in the Law day race. I was nervous because lately, everytime I run, my foot dystonia gets the best of me. I had a goal today to run under 30. I am so tired of running in the 30's it drives me crazy! Especially since I was a 22 runner...I know, I Know, I'm not 16 anymore, but hey, It's not like I'm 80 either! Last year, I barely made it out of the 30 minutes, I think maybe twice I ran a high 29.

So, today I lined up with my hubby, and set out to reach my goal. Well...I am here to tell you that I did it! Not the best time, but it is my best in about 2 years! Today I ran a 28:31 with no dystonia cramping at all! What a great day:o) For this I am giving all of the glory to God!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Race, and new website in the making:o)

We had a meeting with the nice people at Asbury Nature Center today. Our race will be July 17th. I am super excited that we will be doing another race in an effort to raise money for Parkinson's Awareness.
Next Tuesday, we have a meeting with a lawyer to start the paperwork for our non-profit. That is just soo awesome! The Lord is definitely good!
My brother in law Mark, is setting up our official website. will be our official addy. YAY!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update on my running

Went out a few times this week. Twice with Debbie and once by myself. The first run Last Friday went really well. I started taking Potassium to see if it will help with my dystonia, and it seemed to be helping somewhat because I didn't cramp until the very end, and it was minimal. I figure the longer I take it, the better it'll get. So yay for that!

When I went out by myself, I didn't have a very good run at all. I was late on taking my meds, and anyone who has witnessed Michael J Fox when he is on an "off time" with meds, knows it probably isn't a good idea to go running then! I got about a half mile in, and my body began twisting from the waist. not a pleasant experience, but totally a self inflicked problem! Meds on time is so key for a successful run!

Yesterday Debbie, Corey and I went out. It was an ok run, but I am beginning to realize that my runs are much better in warmer weather. It was pretty stinkin cold out yesterday!

I am really trying to get into good running shape for our race this year. I am almost certain the date will be July 10, held at Browns Farm. Going to be a gr8 time! Will keep you posted with all details as they unfold.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First run for the year:o)

Sunday it was nice outside, so I went for a run. I did my usual start of the running season course...2 mi. I was determined to finish it - I'm sooo out of shape - so i ran pretty slow, but I made it. My foot wanted to cramp up, but I concentrated on hitting the pavement flat foot and it seemed to help. I am still waiting to hear abuot Asbury for our race this year...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Place for the Race..

Well, I called Asbury REc center today to inquire about having our race there. I talked to the director for quite a while about all the things we would need and don't have, like insurance...ugh. The Rec center is having a race too, so they take precidence over ours. By the end of the conversation, though he was thinking about maybe both our races teaming up!I will know more in the next few days.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need to get to running!

Well, it has been such a long time since I've ran. Last time I went out was on Thanksgiving for the Turkey trot...with a 30 min time...yucky. I went to see a specialist a couple of weeks ago and we are waiting to see if our insurance will approve botox in my foot. With my dystonia, it is making it really difficult to run at all. My toes cramp up and my whole foot turns inward and I end up gimping on the side of my foot. I actually had to have a preexisting pin removed from my foot because it was coming out on its own due to the way I have to run on my foot! Pretty crazy!

But, hopefully I will be able to go out once this weather breaks and get my run on! I'm hoping that if my foot problem gets fixed, I might be able to get back down to somewhat of a decent time. This 30 min 5k times are killing me. I know it isn't awful, but when your used to atleast 5 min faster, it's pretty disheartening. oh well. I will be positive cause I know the Lord is always in control.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Humbling Experience
Yesterday, Oct 17,2009, A team of friends, family and I dressed in Team Parkinson t-shirts, went to the Peninsula at 8 am to run in an endurance run. The objective for us was to run in this event in an effort to raise money for Parkinson's - hoping for a cure! I started a group on facebook for this cause because 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with this dibilitating neurological disorder. I guess you could say my motives may have been alittle selfish, because although I know a cure will be an unbelievable blessing for many, I am one of those who will benefit from it.After running 4 mi I took a small break, and as I was standing by the start/finish I noticed an elderly woman walking with a much younger gentleman. I noticed she has slight shaking, and I noticed her looking at my t-shirt, then up at me. A few minutes later, I ran another lap with my friend Mary. Then awhile after that my husband Matt, on his twelvth lap asked me to run his last one with him when he came back around. As I stood there waiting for him, the same elderly woman was coming to the finish. I watched her holding onto her walking partner, leaning forward as she struggled to get her footing due to the overwhelming tremors in her legs, all too familiar symptoms of Parkinson's. I heard the younger gentleman say to her "Well I guess three is your limit" As I watched her she was staring at me in my t-shirt, I smiled at her and told her she did a great job. She looked at me and said "Well, I haven't been out doing this in years"!I was humbled by this woman. She put what we were doing there in perspective for me. She is at an age where she will probably not see a cure, but she is out there, not in a t-shirt trying to raise money for a cure, but she is out there showing her strength and fighting this disease every step of the way! I will always have the vision of this woman, a hero if you will, embedded in my memory and she will always be an ispiration, My Parkinson's Inspiration!
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