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Welcome to my page. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 4 1/2 years ago (just before my 33 birthday). This past year, a group of my friends, family, and I ran in an endurance run to raise funds towards awareness and finding a cure for this neurological disorder. This year, we would love to organize a race soley for this purpose. I will share my story as I try to run, and give you details on how our racing plans are going. Thanks for sharing my journey with me:o)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our journey in Washington is complete.

Yesterday, after two days of training and getting to know the most amazing people I have ever met, 250 men & women wearing buttons X'ing out PD, marched on Capitol Hill to make a stand against Parkinson's Disease. Wearing many hats of life - husband, wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, lawyer, caregiver,person with pd...the list goes on- we stood before our congressmen and their loyal staff to make our plea to keep funding so that research for this neurological disease is not interrupted, and to back the bill introduced on Tuesday. With this bill, they will be able to track how many people actually suffer from Parkinson's, because that is unknown, and will also do the same for MS.  It will then in turn open up the probability of finding 'hot spots' where there are many cases, indicating a possible cause due to environmental influence. If we can find a why, then maybe we can find a how.

I have learned quite a bit over these last few days. I am grateful for this opportunity. And now... as our journey ends in Washington, we start a new one at home. Time to get to work!

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  1. I have just found you this week. I am new to the Parkinson's groups. My husband has Parkinson's, I can use all the knowledge I can find. It is encouraging to read your blog and many others. Thanks for doing this, and thanks for encouraging us.