My Journey

Welcome to my page. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 4 1/2 years ago (just before my 33 birthday). This past year, a group of my friends, family, and I ran in an endurance run to raise funds towards awareness and finding a cure for this neurological disorder. This year, we would love to organize a race soley for this purpose. I will share my story as I try to run, and give you details on how our racing plans are going. Thanks for sharing my journey with me:o)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Off all parky meds!!

Well, it has been 4 days since I took my last parky med. And I am doing great! I went to the neuro yesterday and got an adjustment, and it took care of the stiffness and tremor...Funny thing. 2 weeks ago the dr in rehab told me that I probably wouldn't be off all of my meds, but she could certainly get me off of the one causing me so much grief. I looked right at her and said 'you don't know me very well...I will be off all meds very soon'...hehe - never underestimate a parky on a mission!! God is Awesome!